Reverberant Elastography

Elastance Imaging LLC was formed in November 2016 by Dr Bill Timmons and Ken McCaw to develop a new medical imaging system based on Dr Kevin Parker’s (University of Rochester) patented shear wave imaging and Elastance Imaging’s patent pending tactile hardware systems.

The non-invasive clinical imaging of mechanical properties of tissue (elasticity and viscosity) is a young, fast growing field that is projected to exceed $2B in annual sales by the end of 2018 because of its diagnostic usefulness.  However, elastography and viscoelastography systems currently on the market have major limitations.  Elastance Imaging LLC (ImagE) is commercializing a mix of patented and patent pending next gen solutions that, unlike our competitors, produce deep-tissue high-quality elastography and viscoelastography scans at lower costs.  Applications include:

  • Liver patients – elastography is the preferred diagnostic tool, but 13M obese Americans cannot be imaged with existing scanners and must undergo biopsy instead. ImagE can scan all livers.
  • Breast – current elastography technologies on the market cannot fully differentiate between benign and cancerous tumors, leading to over 1M unnecessary biopsies each year. Worse, noise within ½ inch of the breast surface blinds clinicians to large numbers of tumors.  ImagE’s solutions image the full breast including surface zones with high specificity and sensitivity.
  • Prostate – patients needing prostate biopsies are often subjected to costly, painful and potentially dangerous procedures that detect less than 20% of lurking cancers after symptoms appear. With ImagE’s solution, less than half the number of biopsies will be needed to detect over 85% of tumors (a huge leap forward), and will also enable “watchful waiting” with confidence and peace of mind.
  • KidneyImagE’s reliable quantitative viscosity imaging provides the key missing measurement that finally enables reliable kidney cancer diagnosis using low cost ultrasound.
  • Sports injuries and lower back work injuries – can now be quantified and assessed in real time to assess healing and risk of follow-on injury, as well as on the field to assess injuries during a game.
  • Many other applications heart, thyroid, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, cornea, and more.

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